The Texas Council of the FFI NewsletterSummer Edition 2022

Download and read the Texas Line and Leader (PDF 8MB)

Volume 9 – Issue 2: Summer Edition 2022

My message to you the members of Fly Fishers International is intended to keep you abreast of the Councils activities, goals, and aspirations. I begin by stating your Council is working even harder to make your experience as a Fly Fishers International participant more informed, enriched, and beneficial.

Several areas we as a council are focusing on are as follows:

Communication: First and foremost, communication is the life blood of any organization. The Council is working hard on improving all forms of contact not only with the Newsletter you are reading but through our Instagram and Facebook accounts. We anticipate in offering up to date notifications as needed to give you all the most current information we all want. 

Women’s Programs: The Council is currently working on plans to accelerate our support and development of a significant women program. There is a very strong presence at Fly Fishers International in the form of “Women Connect,” The council intends to assist and complement their programs. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me Rick Haness, I will get you in touch.

Conservation: The Texas Council has always been interested in conservation involvement and activities in your club’s area, Texas statewide concerns and even on the national level. We have appointed and elected a strong conservationist in Russell Husted our new Vice President Conservation.

Website: Our website is still in the development stages. The success of the webpage is directly related to your contribution of content and your continued submissions of content to our webmaster. Please help make our website the most current and viable form of communication with our members, friends and the curious.

Fundraising: Fundraising is generally thought of at the Club level and rightly so. We all feel the crunch of expenses, even the Texas Council. The council has similar operating obligations as your club. Our goal is to increase our engagement with our clubs and those not affiliated with a club. (Read More)

Rick Haness,
President,  Texas Council FFI

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