Sabine Generation Canal outing report

Three of us made it to the campsite and fishing ground.

Friday the wind was gusting up to 30 mph, making the attempt at fishing futile. 30 minutes of paddling against the wind, Ken and I gave up and packed the kayaks onto the trailers and went back to camp.

Ken, Robert and I , Sitting around the campfire, waiting for the lasagna to finish cooking, we went over our plans for Saturday. Fish the generation canal in the morning, and if it wasn’t hot and heavy, move over to coldwater.

Saturday morning we were able to get on the water about 30 minutes after sunrise, and immediately worked our way up to the rocks. Very little wind, and the current was only 260CFS. On small Kentucky came to hand, so we went downstream a mile, fishing as we went. Some of the log jams yielded bites, and a couple of fish, but nothing earthshattering.

Ken had a hard stop of noon, so we made our way back to the “improved” boat launch. It is easier to back the trailer down and load kayaks than it is to drag them up that rocky hill with a kayak cart.

Robert and I went over to coldwater, and it was a much easier launch. But honestly, the fishing was not much better.

Total landed, 8 white bass, 6 Kentucky, and 4 sunfish. Not the best catch ration, but the weather was perfect, and the kayaking was easy. At camp the cabins were clean, comfortable, affordable, and complete.

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