Coyote spinner fly used at Harmon Creek

Those of us that used this fly on Harmon Creek know why I plan to make a video on it this week.

Hook:    TMC 200R, only because I have a bunch of these.

Thread: 180-240D, color to match top fiber colors of fly

Eyes:     Lead dumbbell, 1/80 oz or smaller.  Also you could use bead chain for the eyes in an effort to reduce weight.

Spinner assembly:

  • Colorado blade size 00
  • Split rings, size 0
  • Roller swivels, size 12 or 14, this is completely dependent on being able to get the swivel onto the hook.  I like to go as small as I can.   

Paint:     Chartreuse fingernail polish, with black fingernail polish pupil

Bottom:               SF fibers, off-white

Top:                      SF Fibers, rainbow

Here are some other variations of the theme.

Tying the Crappie Coyote

Coyote FINAL

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