Trip Report – Saltwater Outing @ West Galveston Bay

On Saturday, 20-March-2021, six club members participated in the monthly saltwater outing to West Galveston Bay.  Four members met at the Waterman’s Marina at about 7:30 AM and launched from that boat ramp while two members launched from the adjacent Galveston Island State Park.

Conditions were clear with temperatures in the morning in the low 50s warming to the low 60s in the afternoon with a North wind at 14-16 mph.  The wind chill made it colder and the intensity of the wind resulted in using conventional gear throughout the day.

The fishing areas, Lake Como and Dana Cove, offered solidly good wading with a mostly sand bottom but there were pockets of soft mud to make it interesting.  During the outing very little bait was seen, no fish were spooked and there were very few working birds.  A limited number of other anglers were also in the area wade fishing – throwing soft plastics with little success.  One reported catching two flounder but most were empty handed.

At around 2:00 PM we called it a day and paddled back to our vehicles.  With the wind at our backs the paddling was considerable easier than on the way out.  While the catching was poor the fishing was good.  Getting out in nature with the bright blue sky and fellowship made for an enjoyable day for all those that came out.

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