Brown and Root Flats – Aug 29, 2020


The flats from a kayaker’s view

Event: Brown and Root Flats, Aransas Pass/Rockport, Texas

Trip Description:  Saturday morning, we will launch from the beach into Brown & Root flats for a day of skinny water kayak & wade fishing in Aransas Pass. Cars/non 4×4’s can easily make it to the launch site. Usually we launch the kayaks at the water’s edge. About 3:00 pm, return to your vehicle.  Dinner served either Fri or Sat evening.

When: Saturday, August 29, 2020

Where:   Aransas Pass, Texas – Kayak Brown & Root Flats

Load Out:   Meet up at the Hwy 361 launch – gps 27.8575, -97.08183

Directions to launch

Start Time:   Sat – 7 am (first light is 6:42)   Return Time:   Sat – 3:00 pm – Return to vehicles

Trip Leader:   Scott Fossum

Where:   We will meet up at 06:45am at the Hwy 361 launch site.   (Sat 0642 is when it is full light and you will be to drive and see the group, We will launch at east B&R flats. Located at 27.8575 -97.08183  off hwy 361
Go past the bridge (after the Light House Lake parking lot) and turn right on the dirt road, then turn left at the water. Total of about 150 yards on dirt/sand. Plug the coordinates into google earth to see launch location.

Start    7 am
End Time:    3:00pm
Trip Leader:  Scott Fossum
Phone:  (two ate one) 7 ate two – uno 160
e-mail:   scott (dot)fossum (at)

 How to sign up:
1. Evite link (Click here)
2. Or e-mail / call the trip leader.

How to get waiver forms:  Download Waiver form here

Cost:  Personal expenses and transportation

About the area:

Brown & Root flats is a shallow bay of a few thousand acres with water depths of 6” to 2.5 ft when we will be there. Clear water and sight casting are regular here. This, combined with the grassy and sandy bottom keeps the water clear and should allow you the opportunity to sight cast to fish. The numerous spoil islands and some pipelines should provide ample opportunity to explore the area and enjoy a peaceful day of fishing. Be sure and keep your eyes along the prop scars, the fish like to sneak along these.
Wade fishing has in general good bottom. If you’re in mud, move out and you will find firmer wading.
Google Earth or maps show good details and can help map out a secret strategy

Aerial View of the Brown and Root flats. We will launch off Hwy 361.

Tides for Port Aransas, TX Aug 29-30, 2020

Important items:

  • Member dues must be current for you to participate!
  • Outing Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information – See Attachment 1
  • Current Texas Fishing License with Saltwater Stamp
  • Proper safety equipment INCLUDING a proper fitting PFD and, a backup paddle
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Extra change of dry clothes (Optional / Just in case)
  • Wind / Rain proof jacket
  • Comfortable, sturdy wading shoes and sting ray guards
  • Soft side cooler with Ice or frozen water bottle
  • Lunch, ample water and/or Gatorade, snacks and power bars
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellant (I like to carry the individual packages of Off wipes)
  • Wide brimmed hat AND polarized glasses
  • Hand held VHF or FRS radio with charged batteries.
  • A water proof camera
  • A measuring board or tape measure
  • A well-stocked wading belt or bag
  • A space blanket, this item doesn’t weigh much and doesn’t take up much space but, if you get caught in a thundershower, this can be used to help protect you from the beating rain and will help insulate you.

Recommended Equipment: 6-8 WT outfit with weight forward, floating line, tapered leader with a 12-20 lb. test tippet. Don’t forget extra leader material and tippet, nippers, forceps.

Recommended Flies: Shrimp patterns, Bead Eye Clouser Minnows and light colored grizzly Seaducers are the productive flies. Spoon flies, crab and Kwan style patterns also work well. Size 6 to 2. For surface flies, choose a pattern that will land softly, such as the Gartside Gurgler, a Dink or VIP popper. Note: There can be a lot of floating grass both on top and suspended under the water. You might want to add a weed guard to your flies. You can always snip it off.
The above nonsense was copied from a previous outing description and basically says bring a fly shop.

Scott’s 3 flies to bring:

  1. VIP popper – any color
  2. Gold spoon – see 1st word for recommended color
  3. Micro mangrove cannibal – size 2 unweighted baitfish in wht/tan (natural colors)

Recommended guidelines for participants:

  • Notify the trip leader if you have any potential concerns or health issues.
  • Know your limitations. If you are inexperienced then buddy up.
  • While we all practice catch and release, I don’t think you will be banished from the Club if you desire to keep a fish or two for the skillet. However, you might want think about to how you are going to transport your catch to the dock. A soft sided cooler with a frozen ice pack should do the trick.

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