April meeting and speaker, via Zoom(R)

2020-04-28-1900 our monthly meeting will start, via Zoom(R).  

Our speaker for April 28 will be Mark Machado

Captain Mark has been fishing his whole life – he took up the sport at the age of five and has been hooked since. Together with his dad, Mark would regularly go fishing around the freshwater streams of California. He has been featured in various magazines and fishing TV shows. It’s no secret that Capt. Mark knows where the best fishing grounds are. He is the president of the Laguna Madre Fly Fishing Association, and needless to say is a specialist in the art of fly fishing. He likes having people on the boat and helping them get on the fish.

Rules for our Zoom(R) meeting:

  1. All mikes, except our host and presenter will be muted.
  2. Post any questions into the chat feature.
  3. All questions will be addressed at the end of Mark’s presentation.
  4. Keep questions on topic, our presenter’s gear, tactics, ideas, etc.
  5. The “raise hand” function can be used, but our experience level probably won’t allow us to react very quickly.  Be patient.
  6. If you didn’t get an invitation to the meeting you can still have one sent to you.  We have a limit of 100 participants.
    1. Send a note to “Puck” or Eric for the meeting codes.
    2. Make sure your dues are paid.
    3. Watch the presentation later, as we plan to record it.


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