Gurgler style frog, 2020-03-25

Micheal S. gave me a larger version of this frog, and the bass completely destroyed it.

I tinkered with the pattern until I could get the tying down to less than 5 minutes, and here is the result:

Hook:  Size 6 Mustad 3366A
Thread: 240 denier thread to match under-body
Over-body: 3mm closed cell foam cut to 1/2″ wide
Legs: Flat rubber legs, 4 strand wide, and 1 strand
Under-body: Chenille, yarn, etc.
Eyes: 4mm dolls eyes
Glue:  Craft glue or CA
Markers for finishing touches.

2 thoughts on “Gurgler style frog, 2020-03-25

  1. During the test day, and after catching over 50 fish, bass and bluegill, I’ve learned a few things.
    1. Use at least 15# tippet. The frogs will spin, no matter how symmetrical you tried to make them. Small diameter tippet will be destroyed.
    2. Don’t lift your rod. No matter what. If you don’t feel the fish, keep the rod tip down. I had one fish hit four times before he was hooked.
    3. A frog in the middle of the pond makes no sense to me, but the fish like it out there as well as near shore.
    4. Action! Do they want it moving, or sitting still? On my test day, they wanted it moving, constantly.
    5. I can cast these with a 5 weight rod, comfortably, all day.


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