2020-01, Sabine River, generation canal

A quick, unplanned trip to fish the Sabine River on the second and 3 day of 2020, below the generators.  It rained both days, and it never got very warm, but the fish didn’t seem to mind, and it gave us a chance to visit friends.  If you want to learn more…

I called Crawford and asked him how fishing was.   He was quick to tell me that they were starting to catch fish below the Toledo Bend dam, in the generation canal.  “When can we come up, and how many can you put up with?” was my immediate response.

He said “Now, and 4.” so I spread the word the best I could on short notice.  John E. and Q were the ones that responded as “yes,” but Q had to pull out for work.

50+ black bass
16 freshwater drum
14 catfish
3 yellow sunfish
2 long-eared sunfish
5 white bass

Flies that worked were variation of bendbacks, clousers, and shad.

We released most of what we caught, but did keep just a few for table fair.

Return trip is on the table for February.  I’m not sure how to coordinate it, as it isn’t a club sponsored trip, and it could be a “last minute” call.

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