Project Mayfly needs some help, 2019-09-28

This is an Organization that used fly fishing as a catalyst to mentor children in foster care. Mainly 9 – 12 year old range in Kingwood area.

Looking for five (5) volunteers to have 4 booths to demonstrate the following items – tie flies, demonstrate knots, casting instruction, and conservation,  Sign-up here and here “mentor-application”

On Saturday morning, September 28th 9:00am, I’m hosting a fly tying and fly casting event on-site (7809 Winship St., Houston Tx 77028)

We will have tables for fly tiers in-doors and would like to rotate the kids through tying their own fly and also doing casting lessons out in the parking lot. The MayflyProject will provide buttons to be handed out when  a kid ties his first fly  and also a button when they can cast in a hoola hoop (at a reasonable range of course). Make it fun and exciting. These kids are very excited about this. Don’t worry, we’ve already prepared the way.

We had 25 kids who said they were interested so that’s our plan. We will provide pizza and drinks at lunch time. I can’t really tell you how long it will take, I don’t think it should go much more than 3 or 4 hours.

Tentative schedule

arrive @ 9:00am (setup)

9:30 Introductions

10:00 start tying/casting

12:00 lunch break

2:00 wrap-up

Paul Ellis <paul_d_ellis(AT)h0tmail(dot)com>


One thought on “Project Mayfly needs some help, 2019-09-28

  1. Wow, what a day! On Saturday September 29, The Texas fly fishers were asked to assist and we had a great crew to help Paul Ellis. The crew of Jim Richards, Dave Steffeck, Tracy Quigley and Marcos Enriquez help some 26 kid learn about fly fishing. Conservation was done by Dave Steffeck, knot tying was conducted by Tracy Quigley, fly casting was done by Jim Richard and fly tying was done by Marcos Enriquez. It was a pure joy to show and introduce these young kids (8-14 yr old) that live inside the big city of Houston how fun fly fishing can be. We hope to have another opportunity to get young people into the outdoors.

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