Report on the Annual Magoo Fly Fishing Tournament – July 20, 2019

There were 2 of us that made the trip to the Valley to fish the Magoo tournament.

Annual Magoo Fly Fishing Tournament – July 20, 2019 (July 3, 2019 UPDATE)

Species caught by the TFF crew, redfish, blue crab, lookdown , ladyfish, hardhead, and snook.

Signing in took place Friday late afternoon, at a fish fry, meeting people, shaking hands, telling stories, and just enjoying life.

The contest was for only for a select few species, redfish, snook, trout, and ladyfish.  Our team, the Texas FlyFIshers, on a Snook On A Hook boat, covered a lot of water, but for us catching was slow.

“Puck” place 4th in the redfish category, being beat out by a talented young man of 11 years old, McCoy, who caught both the first and second place fish.

The people, food, and fun, will stay with me for many, many years.

After fishing all day and attending the awards, we hit the water again in the dark.

That night, after the tournament, “Puck” caught a ladyfish long enough to get onto the “Leader board,” a year long fishing competition of the LMFFA. 67142177_545539969316463_3571416871724908544_n (1)

A true friend will give you the shirt off of his back, and a great friend will actually loan you his lucky shirt.  I caught my first snook on this trip thanks to Capt. Mark, and Q.


We finally got off the water at about 0130, only to be pulled over by the local law enforcement.   These hardened criminals had a headlight out.  The officer gave a warning and then stated, “sometimes all you have to do is give it a tap, and it will work again.”  Sure enough, a hard rap on the lens brought the sleeping headlight back to life.

Back to lodging at 0230, for a quick shower, and a few hours of sleep.

On the road in the morning, we decided to visit Swan Point Landing, and talk with Dave for a few minutes.  A bit of advice, and some stories swapped, we made it home safely.

I am already talking about “next time.”

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