2019-06 South Llano River trip report

The Texas FlyFishers Began arriving at camp at about 1300.

3 campers, 7 in the cabins, 1 day tripper.  9 kayaks on the water.

One swimmer. One pair of shoes are now “sole-less”. One pair of wading boots gave up the ghost. Only one fly rod snapped, but amazingly, it went back together.

Fish were caught, but the numbers were lower than last year.  We are blaming the flood.

Lodging was a special treat. The facilities were clean, and well laid out.  The area near the water was the best place to hang out.

We started by wade fishing around the take-out point, and there were a few fish caught.

Friday night’s “bratwurst” turned out to be, bratwurst, hamburgers, chips, and more.  Cooked most of it outside, but served from inside cabin #1, and eaten by the fire.

Saturday morning, Larry Mc. had a breakfast casserole ready for the gang, and we all invaded cabin #2, sitting at the large table and enjoying coffee as breakfast was devoured.

On Saturday morning, after a rather leisurely breakfast, between Ken’s trailer,Puck’s rig, and everybody pitching in, we were on the water and fishing by 0745.

With the water levels a few inches higher than last year the travel downstream was very easy.

We only had 4½ miles to cover so there was plenty of time to thoroughly fish our favorite spots.  The GPS reader didn’t bring his reading glasses and couldn’t tell the “distance to go” from the “map scale”, leading to a bit of confusion.

FRC radios kept the entire group informed.

By about 1400, the pleasure traffic started, with family, swimmers and day drinkers sharing the water.  It is a good thing we started early, getting ahead of the crowd.

Saturday night’s potluck was fajitas, pulled pork, twice baked beans, coleslaw, dutch oven mac and cheese, and more.

Reserved for next year, 2020, already, with the dates the weekend after Father’s Day, but will talk to the Outings Chair about moving it back one week.



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