Coastal Brigade – 2 Fly Cast Instructors needed, July 17 – Morning

From our friend Michael Scherer.

“We are needing at least 2 more Fly Casting instructors at this years Coastal Brigades, located at the Sea Star Base Galveston, 7509 Broadway, Galveston, Texas, 77554, on the 17th of July.

More about the program can be found at

The time of these rotations are 8:00am – 11:45am

We need Fly Casting instructors to teach basic overhand and roll casting in 3 ROTATIONS, 1 hour each rotation with  14-16 kids (13 – 17 year old)  for a total of no more than 44 . We have 32 cadets, 6 assistant leaders(former cadets) and 6 adult leaders.

We have 18 – #5 & #8 Scientific Angler Fly Rods to use and a nice open area for these casting instructions.

The 2, or more, instructors will need to complete paperwork  and we also need to send you information for a Criminal Background Check (CBC).

A little more information on the CBC.

This is required by law with the state of Texas, and is handled at NO CHARGE to you through Texas Brigade’s.

Even though we all have the TPWD CBC and other,  this is still required for this camp and they cannot pull from TPWD or other agencies.

If you have any other questions, please contact me directly.

We do need to get the names, emails, and phone numbers to Texas Brigades,

Again, we are sorry for the short notice, but many of those that already volunteered, had to drop out this summer.

Please let me know so I can turn in your names to our camp lead.

Any help would be great. AND, These hours can be turned in with Texas Parks & Wildlife Angler Education.

Michael Scherer
VP Operations
Fishing’s Future

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