Hook: Gamakatsu B10S size 4 and 6
Thread: 210 denier (6/0 or larger)
Undertail: Flex floss or lumaflex, rosy pink, Or krystal flash, Gold, pearlescent, or copper
Tail: Deer body hair, Olive, natural, brown, olive, black, or yellow
Body: 6mm closed cell foam, Red, black, orange, chartreuse, or yellow
Eyes: 7mm or 8mm dolls eyes, yellow or white
Adhesive: Cyanoacrylate or E6000

VIP popper dimensions

Here’s the break down on Cptn. Scott Sparrow’s vip popper. Paraphrased with a lot of his own wording.

I’ve been using a quilt cutter, only because we don’t have a paper cutter. I like the guidelines on the cutting matt to keep the cuts clean and straight

He uses a piece of foam you can get at hobby lobby, it is a foam door tag(they also have a foam cross there that is a little bit thicker, it’s better because it keeps the fly more upright when sitting in the water.) For the legs he uses flex-floss from spirit river. 8mm doll eyes. yellow deer body hair. Gold wing-n-flash. And a gamakatsu B10S hook, size 4 or 6 (I mostly use a size 6).

It’s a pretty simple to tie, start by cutting out your foam piece to use later. Make a small triangle shape with one end squared off, keeping it proportional to the size of hook you are using. Use a bobkin or needle to make a small hole through it, after you have pushed it through the foam piece (head first) heat the needle up with a lighter and slide it back threw the foam, this will make the hole large enough to slide over the hook eye and thread. By shoving the needle threw head first then heating it will allow you to get it at the correct alignment and also the hot part of the needle to melt the back of the foam first and while you are sliding it threw it will cool down and leave you with a small hole in front leaving your a nice clean head (its hard to explain i guess, once you do it you will understand what I’m trying to say)..

For the tying just tie on some flash and 6 strands of flex-floss. Then add a drop of cement and spin a small clump of deer hair on, use your piece of foam to gauge where to tie it in at. Wrap thread almost to the hook eye so when you glue the foam on it has something to hold on to. Next glue the foam piece on with some super glue or zap-a-gap. Then use a two sided razor bladeto trim off the hairs. Then glue the eyes on and your ready to catch some fish!!!

To add a weedguard heat up your needle again and melt a small hole underneath. Put a small drop of zap-a-gap over the hole and slip in a piece of mono. Cut it down to the right size after it has dried.

You can also change up the tail to make it have a larger profile.. Not only is this fly great for red fish but it’s also proved deadly for bass!

I am still working on sub-titles for the videos.  Th A/C was going and we didn’t realize the impact it had on audio quality.

One thought on “VIP

  1. A favorite of mine. Won the POC 1 fly at least 2 times: Scott and John.
    My favorite color is white foam with chartreuse bucktail.
    I like the gammy b10s size 1.
    Reds, trout and ladyfish can’t resist the vip.
    – angle front of fly to cause it dive on strip
    – add 2.5” small hackle feathers as step 1. This causes the fly to sit tail down when floating. This can improve hookup ratio. “Worst” day was 10 straight misses on blowups. Changed to a feathered vip and hooked up.
    Scott F


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