Chandeleur Islands – May 12-15, 2019

When:        May 12-15, 2019
Where:       Chandeleur Islands;  2.5d fishing trip with DMJ Charters.  Pass Christian, Mississippi
Start Time:  Boarding boat no earlier than 5 pm Sun, May 12
End Time:    Return to Shore, Wed May 15 appx 3pm
Trip Leader (see below for contacts):  Scott Fussom and/or John Eldred

Trip Description: This is a 2.5 day trip to the Chandeleur Islands with DMJ Charters.  Minimum 10/maximum 12 people.  The trip is:  Spend Sun night (May 12) on the “mother ship.  Depart for Chandeleur Islands and fish on Mon, Tues, then Wed till 10am.  Return to shore by 3pm Wed, May 15.   Expected all-in cost range $750-900. (charter, gas, tip, etc)

The trip is currently maxed out at twelve (12) paid participants..  If you want to be on a wait list, contact John Eldred.

We will meet at the DMJ Charter’s boat at 5pm on Sun, May 12.  Spend Sun, Mon, and Tues nights on the boat, returning to dock at 3pm on Wed, May 15.  You will responsible for your travel from your home to and from the boat dock.  (will look to “carpool” as possible)

Scott has been on this trip….wanting to go back on the same trip is about as good a reference as it gets.  More details specific to the charter can be found at DMJ Charters on the web.

How to sign up:

1. Evite link (Click here)

2. Call or email John Eldred or Scott Fossum

Phone:      Scott: (2 ate I) 7 ate 2 II6O John:  (9O7) tree O I  tree 5 nine 5
e-mail:      Scott:  scott.fossum (at) nouryon (dot) com;  John: john.eldred03 (at) gmale (dot) com

4 thoughts on “Chandeleur Islands – May 12-15, 2019

  1. This is a great trip with a great captain and friend of TFF. DMJ charters has donated trips in the past. I went last August and caught trout, reds and ladyfish using a 7 wt. Had 2 monsters break off.
    The chandelier islands are a great place to flyfish. This was my 3rd trip. My largest red came from the surf.
    The trip is a bargain: 3 night lodging, meals and a skiff to fish from, wade, drift and surf fishing is available. Wade fishing is in clear water with hard bottom.
    I’ve used 7 – 10 wts. Flounder, jack crevalle and sharks are also possible. On trips, most will have at least 1 break off on some unidentifiable sea monster. Some are landed. Ray had 2 reds over 40” on an 8 wt on 1 trip I went on.
    If your sceered by the thought of monster fish, remember we will be fishing in LA and their trout minimum size is like 6” long and you can fish for dink’s.
    If you have questions, I can help.
    See ya’ll in the Chandeluer’s.
    Scott F


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