Harmon Creek white bass, outing report

Over 100 fish were caught on Saturday, and over 40 caught on Sunday.

March 9-11th 2018, Texas FlyFishers’ Freshwater outing at Harmon Creek

But if you want to know more……

We started checking into the cabins at 1500

One of us was there at 1000 on Friday and was on the creek fishing when the rest got there.  And yes he was catching fish.

14 Texas FlyFishers made the trip on Saturday.
8 in the cabins
5 campers
1 day tripper

Bratwurst and hamburgers on the grill for dinner Friday night.  Sitting around the campfire eating dinner and swapping stories is always a part of this event.

Water clarity at the boat launch was pretty low.  A fly in the water could only be seen for a few inches before disappearing into the murk.

Chartreuse seemed to be the color that the white bass preferred.

Clousers and cypert’s minnows were the fly of choice.

As we travelled upstream the water became much clearer.

5.4 miles total travel on the river in Saturday

No broken rods.

One swimmer.  She didn’t do it right the first time so went swimming a second time, filling the waders.

The fish were scattered until we got to this one sand bar.  There they were stacked up just past the drop off.

One thought on “Harmon Creek white bass, outing report

  1. From John E.

    “Had a great trip. I paddled this morning all the way up to the sandbar where we were yesterday
    Caught 30 from 930 to 1030 and then quit counting. Fished till noon. Had a fish on every other cast in that little alley tree alley area. Was still catching when I left at noon.

    Have to pick my wife up at the airport this afternoon not sure I could get away with having her take a taxi because I was still fishing.

    Caught a largemouth bass and saw two coyotes on the bank right near the tree alley
    And I have pictures to prove both

    Until next time thanks again


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