Update on Harmon Creek outing as of 2018-03-04-0415

Talked with the proprietor of Harmon Creek Marina last night.  A few key points discussed:

  1. The white bass tournament held yesterday was a huge success.  So much so that for the first time the number of entrants were limited.
  2. Water quality was not bad, with people catching a lot of fish.
  3. Our 3 cabins are still locked in.
  4. The water level is up to what is considered normal.
  5. Recovery from Harvey is still ongoing with most facilities ready for use.

We still have 2 open beds, and camping is still a great option.   Other folks like to drive down for a day of fishing and drive back that night.

Hot dogs and hamburgers around the campfire Friday night is still the plan, as we watch the weather.  Light rain means light rain gear, but still a campfire.

Meal plan for Saturday morning revolves around coffee, eggs, and toast.

Saturday after fishing,  there is talk about a diner down the road.  I wonder if they do take-out with a preorder?

March 9-11th 2018, Texas FlyFishers’ Freshwater outing at Harmon Creek

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