2 thoughts on “Prison Permit Invitational, 2018 CANCELLED

  1. Mike Graham
    “Unfortunately the weather (forecast) isn’t going to cooperate and allow us to safely traverse East Matagorda Bay without some rain, uncomfortable winds, and some chocolate appearing water. We’ll do this again maybe next month, I know the freshwater guys want to break our their plastic fleet and whippy 3 wts. and chase little white bass and perch, or fish the stock ponds for spoon fed bass and catfish and they can do so. I want to get the Houston Show in full swing and once that is done I believe there are some awesome fishing adventures awaiting those of us who love big fish, the smell of two stroke gas at the marina, and the sounds of the shore birds working the shorelines. We will get our chance! Pass the word onto your buddies who might have been fishing with you. “


  2. Bummer. But I was wondering how East Matty would look with every source I’m seeing reporting 15-25mph winds all week long leading into the weekend. I think a bottle of Yoohoo might be clearer than the bay on Saturday.

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