Wade Fly Fishing Gear for the salt?

My grab and go list for wade fly fishing  saltwater is:

  1. Rod, reel, and line  (stating the obvious here)
  2. License
  3. Pill jar with extra flies, 3-5 flies
  4. Extra tippet
  5. Fish lipper (Boga for me)
  6. Pliers, with cutters
  7. Camera
  8. GPS and sending unit


For clothing, and sun protection

  1. Long sleeve shirt
  2. Long pants
  3. Boots, and possibly waders in the winter
  4. Packable wind/rain jacket (weather dependent)
  5. Buff
  6. Sun gloves
  7. Full brim hat
  8. Sunscreen


What are your additions or disagreements?



7 thoughts on “Wade Fly Fishing Gear for the salt?

  1. Ray Guards are never a bad idea. Bug spay might be worthwhile if fishing back in the marshes and the wind is low. Cell phone and/or handheld VHF radio J.I.C.

    If fishing the surf or a pass where rip currents may be an issue (e.g. San Luis Pass), an (inflatable) PFD would be a smart take along.


  2. I go for for minimal gear that fit in shirt pocket & I wade shallow (<18")
    – polarized glasses (I wear regular glasses if starting at dawn until glare gets bad)
    – comfortable wade boots; emphasis on comfortable to YOU. sandals won't cut it.
    – tippet
    – 4 flies: (1 tied on), popper, spoon, bead chain eye shrimp & lead eye crab
    – whistle or vhf radio
    – stripping basket
    – stripping guards (new this year and no more burned/sore index fingers)
    – cheap freshwater stringer that fits in pocket (no float); check ring on end because the cheap stringers don't last forever
    – buff for sun and/or bugs
    – hat
    – nippers to cut line
    – mini bug spray for walking on land to back lake if bugs bad at boat ramp
    – gps is mounted on boat; never had a reason to carry one
    – power bar
    – camera (you are guaranteed to catch a big one if you forget camera)
    – hook remover: forceps or pliers (see above guarantee)
    – leave license in boat
    – additional flies; from a few more to an entire collection

    For those of you who use a fanny, back or sling pack you are welcome to fish with me. These fishing partners carry more fishing equipment than FTU and more food, drink and beer than I thought possible. When fishing with these pack mules, don't get too far away. I have gone to them for extra water, fishing reels, fly line, leaders and even beer. They are usually exhausted from carrying so much stuff and are glad to get rid of the heavy stuff like beer, water and food before walking back to the boat.

    Lightly loaded and still catching fish
    Scott F


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