Sam’s One Bug (S1B) – modified tying

Hook: Mustad 33903-BR size 6
Thread: Size “A” rod wrapping thread, color to match body
Glue: CA, E6000, or similar. In this example I am using “booger glue”
Tail: Marabou to match body, and silicone bass skirt legs, in this example barred yellow
Body: 3/8” closed cell foam post. In this example, yellow
Legs: Silicone bass skirt leg. Here I used “root beer”
Eyes: Black marker

I can’t take credit for this fly as I found the original here:
Sam’s One Bug
Created by Craig E. “Sam” Blevins
Written up by Warren Patterson

I’ve tweaked the tying steps and materials to match my tying style (SCE) but the concept is still quite the original.

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