One thought on “Tying the MGM

  1. MGM = Mardi Gras Minnow, so named because of the material used for the eyes.
    I started tying this fly as an imitation of Casey Smartt’s Meaty Minnow(R)
    As you can see, my results didn’t come out anywhere near as elegant as Casey. But for some reason the fish seemed to like my disaster well enough. A trip to the Devil’s River showed us that the action of the materials was enough to get strikes.
    Here is the recipe:
    Gama stinger hook, size 2 (or Mustad 34007, size 2)
    Size “A” rod wrapping thread, color to match craft fur
    Round Mardi Gras beads, red, green, blue, or black
    Clear finger nail polish (CA glue will work in a snap, but not prefered)
    White, or other light color craft fur


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