One thought on “My version of the Cypert’s minnow:

  1. There was this great tubing that is for sale, but I just couldn’t justify buying every color available, until now….
    This is the fly that we used for white bass much earlier this year. It is cheap, easy to tie, and it works. What else do you want in a fly?
    Hook: 60°bend jig hook, size 4
    Thread: Size “A” rod wrapping thread, color to match underbody
    Eyes: Bead chain eyes, size to match hook, and color to contrast underbody, or lead eyes if you really want it to sink
    Body: Estaz, or cactus chenille, color and size of choice.
    Overbody: Braided tubing, color of choice and size to match hook.
    Glue: CA glue


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