Louisiana Marsh trip on Lake Calcasieu-October 14-16-CANCELED


Louisiana Marsh Trip on Lake Calcasieu for big fall reds.

Co-hosted by the Texas FlyFishers and the Contraband Fly Casters of Lake Charles, Louisiana
When: October 14-16, 2016
Trip Leader: Skip Donovan
Space is limited and on a first call, first come basis.
For details and registration contact Skip by email at skipdonovan1@sbcglobal.net
Skip will update this outing notice as he gets more details.  Stay tuned and be sure to express your interest in the comments and follow updates on this posting.
Trip canceled due to lack of participation.  Maybe next time….

10 thoughts on “Louisiana Marsh trip on Lake Calcasieu-October 14-16-CANCELED

  1. Hey Jim, I asked for some information here yesterday about the outing but it looks like the questions have been deleted. ??? I’ll ask again. Is there lodging available? Who do we contact for lodging? Are boats needed? Who’s bringing their boats? Out of state license will be required right? Are there guides involved? How will the fishing be conducted? Wading available or are we drift fishing, is a troll motor necessary? What is planned for food. Do we return on Saturday or Sunday? I’d ask Skip all of these (and more) questions but then I’d be the only one to know. Hopefully he’ll post some kind of outing notice on here soon. Last year we were to meet up with the Contraband Flyfishers and fish with them. I’m pretty sure that’s the plan for this trip. But I don’t know any of the specifics. Sounds like fun though…big red feesh!

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  2. Golden. I am skips contraband fly club contact. I will wait for skip to discuss your club part. Fishing big lake has about all the fishing techniques waiting for your choice as to how you fish. Wading is excellent. We all use trolling motors and pole/trolling motor in the marsh. I preference to push pole only when I have too. I will be glad to help however I a can. Hope to be at your expo on the 27 th. We can visit then.
    Jeff Ferguson

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  3. Due to a couple of last minute cancellations there is room again on both the boats and lodging for the trip this weekends in Louisiana. The trip will be on Lake Calcasieu and targeting big fall redfish. This trip is being co-hosted by the Contraband Fly Casters out of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and they are providing a good ol` Cajun fish fry Friday evening. I`d like to fill these spots but they are limited and on a first come first go basis. They’ll probably go fast so call me asap to reserve your spot with lodging.

    Skip Donovan
    c: 713-822-OO69


    • I hate that the trip had to be cancelled. I was looking forward it. My friends are not saddened since the fish fry will be done for them rather than the Texas fly fishers. The redfish should not feel safe either. I will be all over them Saturday morning. Hope to see you folks next year. Jeff


      • Well said, Jeff.  Lookin` forward to chasing some of those reds myself.  See ya` soon.    Skip ~

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