In search of Northern Pike..

I took a trip to Lathrop State Park in an attempt to target northern pike (Esox lucius).  The lake I choose was “Horseshoe” because it is a fishing lake, and there were no speedsters on the water.

The water was clear, and the wind wasn’t too bad as I waded the shoreline.  The bottom was firm, and the wading was easy. And I spooked multiple carp that were feeding in less than 2 foot of water.

Mosquitoes are the bane of the gulf coast, but here I found that deer flies are a major nuisance.

I saw a small mouth jump completely out of the water in an attempt to catch a dragonfly.

Next week I’ll take larger flies, my kick-boat, and a set of clothes dosed against the swarms of deer flies that hounded me today.

One thought on “In search of Northern Pike..

  1. Sure seems you get to fish a lot more up there in CO than when you’re down here in TX. Yeah the deer flies leave a lasting bite that itches for days! Plus they are blood suckers too. They don’t bother you if you’ve been drinking heavily though. One or two bites and they’re blasted! Have one on me Puck!


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