How to lead a Texas FlyFishers outing

Finding outing leaders has been an age old challenge for Texas FlyFishers. During a time when we were challenged in 2010,  Treasurer Harry Crofton and Saltwater Outings Chair Chris Sumers put together a presentation that they presented at a monthly meeting.  It’s well done, informative and worthy of a resurrection!

What do you need to know to lead a freshwater or saltwater outing?Lead Outing image 1

Preparing for the outing

  •  Outings Chair has the plan for the outing
  • Become familiar with the published plan
  • Get a list of participants from the Chair
  • Talk to previous leaders
  • If a guide is involved: call and discuss outing and make sure you understand payment arrangements
  • Confirm shuttle arrangements if required
  • Confirm website notice has your contact info
  • Get any last minute changes posted to website
  • Print out extra copies of the blank waiver
  • Get a copy of the club insurance accident report form

On the day of the outing

  • Arrive early at the designated meeting place
  • Collect signed waivers – no waiver, no fishing
  • Collect fees, if any, associated with the outing
  • Give a briefing on the outing
  • Review the safety considerations and participants responsibilities for the outing
  • If a guide is involved get them to participate in the briefing
    assign a sweeper
  • Stay to the bitter end to ensure everyone is off the water

Typical briefing issuesLead Outing image 2

  • General plan for the day including lunch plans
  • Reminder that a valid license is required
  • Expected time off the water
  • Anyone planning to leave early?
  • Safety
    • Review safety responsibilities
    • Hydrate, sunscreen
    • Buddy up
    • Known hazards
    • PFD requirementsLead Outing image 3
  • Fishing tactics
  • Ask for questions from the group
  • Close with reminder that the members are responsible for their own safety and that the leader is just facilitating the outing

Other things to consider

  • You are there to facilitate the outing – you are not a guide unless you want to be.
  • Submit a report with photos for the website and Windknots.
  • The Club provides the third party liability insurance. Members are not third parties.
  • Report any incidents to the Outings Chairperson.
  • Turn liability waivers over to the Outing Chair.
  • Have fun and catch fish.

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