Pueblo Reservoir 2016-06-03

As I plan to be in Colorado for the foreseeable future, I’ve been exploring the local waters.

My target species yesterday was “wipers” the hybrid white and striped bass hybrid.  What I actually brought to hand was 5 other species:
Lareg-Mouthed Bass
Smallmouth bass
Saugeye (Walley/sauger hybrid )

The first fish was a smallmouth, that hit a MGM, the rest hit either a sculpin, or the swamp monster.

And no, I still have no plans to fish for trout…..


3 thoughts on “Pueblo Reservoir 2016-06-03

    • About an hour and a half before sundown they popped up, had birds over them, destroying shad, for all of 5 minutes. By the time I slogged over to where they were, they were long gone.

      Next time…….


  1. Went back the exact same spot, according the the GPS, that I fished Friday night, and after hours of casting practice I landed 6 LBM and one crappie, all on a sculpin. Wasn’t skunked, but the bite was off, possibly due to all the boat traffic on a Saturday at Pueblo Reservoir.

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