Lead a Saltwater Outing

Another in the How-To series…

Leading a Saltwater Outing

The primary duties of the Saltwater Outings Chair are, but not limited to the following:

  • Compile a detailed list of outings and venues for the year
  • Become familiar with the plan
  • Get a list of participants from the Chair
  • Arrive early to the meeting place
  • Ensure that all participants have signed the club waiver
  • Collect any fees associated with the outing
  • Give a briefing on the outing before everyone sets out
  • Review the safety considerations for the outing including PFD requirements
  • If a guide is involved make sure you understand the payment plan and expectations from the guide
  • Stay to the bitter end to ensure everyone is off the water
  • The club provides third party liability insurance
  • Get a copy of the insurance reporting procedure from the Chair
  • Have fun and catch some fish

Download Waiver form

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