Prison Permit, 2016, partial report

Prison permit, part 2

15-25 mph winds whipping the top of the chocolate milk made seeing anything impossible.  We made out way directly to the reefs and started blind-casting.

Fish were caught from the crew on the Q’s boat.  That is him hooked up.


Puck landed a flounder and a rat red, both on the RGW, size 4.

Tracy didn’t feel the tug, but she was a trooper, wading wet, and casting for all she was worth.

The ride back was a butt pounder as the waves at the east end of the bay were even higher than the west where we were trying to fish.

Next time we send scouts, to tell the group about the water conditions.

Tight lines, and see you on the water.


3 thoughts on “Prison Permit, 2016, partial report

  1. Well we did send some scouts! We thought something might be up when we saw that glazed look in their eyes when they returned and they left without saying a word! Ill tell you this, the group all had an adventure of one sort or the other. Conditions got rough especially in the ICW where we experienced 4 to 5 foot rolling swells. If you ever fish with Lynn S. you have to know he is a great Captain to be able to operate that little gladeskiff in those kind of water conditions. Especially with a 6’6″ sea sail in the front of his skiff (Mike M.). I was especially relieved when the last boat made it to shore and all were accounted for in good condition. That first beer was mighty tasty too.

    So for the first time in six years no prisoners were caught or even seen from what I know. What a shame. We had very good attendance (21) and I big Thanks to Alan K for allowing us to stay at his place up on Caney Creek. Don’s place looked very comfortable too. I heard Wendell even fished with us but left early when the wind kicked up. Bill W. met us at the beer stop and told us of their trip out on the water. So we’ll do this again next year and try to plan it for February when conditions are a little more favorable. For all fun I had you’d never know what we had to go thru out on the water. Whew! Thank you Jesus!


  2. I know that one phone/camera that had pictures got thoroughly rinsed before pictures could be downloaded. Ouch that cost that Captain!


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