Prison Permit Update 3-7-16

From outing leader Golden:

Hopefully you guys find this post all the way down this page but here is what I have for this up coming weekend.

Boat No 1:
Don Hanselmann (Capt.)  has lodging in Sargent
Riders:     Russell Cowart, Dave Garner have lodging, Rob Kress coming in Sat.

Boat No. 2:
Michael Quigley (Capt.) Coming in Sat.
Riders;   Tracy Quigley , Don Puckett both coming in Sat.

Boat No. 3:
John Purcell (Capt.) lodging at Alan’s
Riders;  Richard Dunn and son both coming in Sat.

Boat No. 4:
Tim Reed (Capt.) Coming in Sat.
Riders; Karen Reed, Denis Auger both coming in on Sat.

Boat No 5:
Alan Kulkak (Capt.) lodging at Alan’s
Riders;  Steve Kulkak lodging at Alan’s

Boat No. 6:
Mike Graham (Capt.) has lodging
Rider;  Doug Celiner coming in Sat.

Boat No. 7:
Andrew Duca (Capt.) coming in Sat.
Rider; Buddy coming in Sat.

This is the info I have at this time.  We do have a couple of boats with Captains pending on this outing.  I will try to contact and verify if they are coming.  Riders who have signed bot have not been placed on a boat yet will have first right by the date they signed up.  Please do not stick someone on your boat that has not signed up yet.  Would not be fair to those who signed up first!


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Mike Graham or me.



5 thoughts on “Prison Permit Update 3-7-16

  1. One way that folks can get updates on outings is to use the Comment or Reply option on the posting, the select the “Notify me of new comments via email” button that is presented with the comment. This might be a way to manage the boat assigns with participants.


  2. I call the Sargent Sheriff’s Office in Sargent, TX around 1pm today to get a flood report an she said they had only 1-2 inches of rain…not to bad as far as flooding goes… Hope the winds didn’t mess up the water to much.. I will be in before noon on Friday// to open up the cabin..

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