2 open spots on a Devil’s River trip, April 5-7

From Ken

I still have two openings on my Devils River trip scheduled April 5-7. You kindly offered Saturday to send out a club communication about the trip. I would appreciate your doing so. If anyone is interested they can look at the outfitters website www.reelfly.com
Thanks a lot
Ken Kosut”

Contact Ken
713 dash 816-6 zero 6 zero
kkosut (at) att (dot) net

Forum post about the trip.





2 thoughts on “2 open spots on a Devil’s River trip, April 5-7

  1. Ooops that’s in the middle of the work week, got to work to support my usual habits. Saving up my vacation time for going to the Laguna with the salties later in April, the Priddy Tournament with the SA guys, and the Texas VW Festival in Fredricksburg. Sorry no time for GAR! Thanks for the invite. Have FUN!


    • I believe that these 2 spots are still open, per my conversation with Ken last week.

      I posted it on TKF.

      Can somebody post it on 2Coool, as I am not a user of that particular forum, as I am many others?



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