TFF/ IFFF Business Class support, Fly tying @ Cypress Springs High School

Feb 19 – Fly Tying (Friday)

We have the opportunity of showing the next generation how to tie a simple fly.

Size 6 nymph/streamer hook  (with points cut off)
Size “A” rod wrapping thread
Marabou feathers, colors of your choice
Gift wrapping braided tinsel, color of your choice.
CA glue or fingernail polish (we will control)
Dark sharpie for finish

The plan is to meet up in the parking lot at 0830, drink coffee, gather our gear, and finish making assignments.

We will have 5 classes to show how to tie. The first class actually starts at 0915, and with the extremely short lunch break, I think it best if we bring our own lunch.

Once they let us sign in, we’ll move to the classroom for introduction, and get our morning started.

For this we set up the vices and tools before the first student gets in the room.  Materials will need to be pre-bagged, and sorted.

Contact me if you want me to add you to the list.

And feel free to send this on to anybody else that you think may want to help.

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