John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular, 2016-04-09-0700

Updated 2016-03-27 to show the cooks and sign-in location
Updated 2016-01-27 to include the D7L’s waiver form.
Updated to show sign-up sheet 2016-01-24-1600.
Updated 2016-01-26 to show cost and update on camping.

When: April 9th, 2016 (2016-04-09-0700)

Damon 7 Lakes,
3533 CR 4,
(Old Damon W. Columbia Road)
Damon, Texas 77430
N29.2524671 – W95.7412050
Start   0700
End Time:     TDTF (Too Dark to Fish)
Trip Leader:   “Puck”
Phone:       Two ate one 865 thirty-two sixteen
e-mail:   doncpuckett(at) gee male dot com

Trip Description:  Join us for the annual chance to capture the John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular Trophy and a decent feed on Saturday the 9th of April (date is confirmed) at Damon Seven Lakes. Fishing from the shore, but float tubes and kayaks are quite successful.  Camping the night before is available, and is encouraged.  We have permission.

How to sign up:
1.  Sign-up here
2. On the sign up sheet distributed at the monthly meeting
3. or e-mail the trip leader.  (doncpuckett(at) gee male dot com)
4.  You must have a day waiver for Damon 7 Lakes to enter the property Friday night, or Saturday.  You can get it here: JS_Sunfish_Spectacular2016

How to get waiver forms: Download PDF form here. Required  Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information.

Cost:  $40  for Texas FlyFishers members with paid up dues.  Cost per angler is approved, and it does include lunch.  Special pricing for kids, students, and non-fishing spouses.  Contact “Puck” for details.


Puck will be set up with a sign-in station by the pool/picnic area from 0700-0900.  If you come in after 0900, chase down the sound of “Fish on!” to get signed in and squared away.

About the area:  “Damon’s Seven Lakes is a beautiful one-of-a-kind private fishing club located in Damon, Texas just west of Highway 36 between Rosenburg and West Columbia. Contrary to the name there are now nine different, unique lakes of good size that hold largemouth bass, tiger bass, catfish, black crappie, and bluegill. Catching bass in the three to five pound range is a normal occurance. Twelve pound bass and channel cats and twelve inch bream have been caught in the last three years.”

Important items:
• Member dues are current!  Or you can pay your dues at this time.
• Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information.  ( Can be downloaded here )
• Extra change of dry clothes
• Wind and/or water proof jacket
• Water, snacks (We have our cooks for lunch lined up now).
• Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellant
• Hat, Polarized Glasses
• First Aid Kit

Recommended Equipment:
Canoe, kayak, or kickboat, (These are not needed, but it is a good time to try stuff out)
3-7 wt fly rod with floating line
Extra rod

Recommended Flies:
Yellow spider, size 6-12
Miss Prissy or similar small popper
PGPP, size 8-12
SOB, size 6-10
Hare-E, size 10
Squirrelly, size 12
Dark Wooly bugger size 6-12
And I’m sure the list will grow when a few folks read this and make their own recommendations.

Recommended guidelines for participants:
• Notify the trip leader if you have any potential concerns
• If inexperienced, then buddy up.
• Have proper safety equipment
• If you are boating or kayaking, inform the trip leader of your float plan if planning to fish alone or longer then the designated times.
• Sign in and sign out at the covered picnic area.

We now have a couple of volunteers to cook the hot dogs and hamburgers for our lunch.  Thanks Mary-Kay and Skip..

Does anybody know where the trophy resides?  I haven’t seen it in a few years, and we may need to make another one.  Remember, “No pictures = no proof”

We again have permission to camp the night before.  I highly recommend it.


13 thoughts on “John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular, 2016-04-09-0700

  1. I will have to reel out on this event on the event on 9 April, at 7 Lakes…Our daughter and granddaughter are coming in San Antonio on Saturday…Save a few fish for me… I miss all my buddies, an perch, bass.


  2. Per Mike’s advice; If we have no wind, which will be great for fishing, it will also allow gnats to fly, and bother us. Dose up for your own comfort.


    • One way to keep the pesky gnats and mosquitos away from your face is to use a laundry product called Bounce. Fold a sheet on the front and back side of your collar. No more pests.


  3. JSSFS questions:

    Q) What is the cost for non-members at the SS event? (For a single or father/child?)
    A) Non-members must join and pay the $40 event fee. No charge for kids under 18. $10 for non-fishing family members of a TFF household.

    Q) Can guests bring regular rods if they are not fly fishers?
    A) Get them on the water, with whatever rod you can. Any prizes, or recognition must come from a fly rod.

    Q) What do I need to do to register at this late date?
    A) I set up an e-vite sign-up link from the WordPress.‎ If that doesn’t work let me know.

    Q) What time can I show up on Fri?
    A) I’ll be out there on Friday by about 1500, or so.

    Q) Are there any lodging facilities or bring your own tent?
    A) Bring your own tent, as I plan to do.

    Q) Any boating restrictions (like trolling motor only)?
    A) No gas motors allowed, but a trolling motor would be no problem.

    Q) Is there a boat launch?
    A) There is nothing out there that resembles a boat ramp. A john boat would be easily hand launched at most of the lakes.

    Q) If someone has a bass boat, can they bring it?
    A) I don’t think I would try a bass boat.


  4. Another superb job by Puck and his crew! Everyone had a smile on their face today, even if the fish were a little stubborn. Thank you to Puck, Skip, Mary Kay, Ron Mayfield and Mike Arnold for another great event!!!


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