Christmas Bay before Christmas?

We have the trout trip to the Guad this month (2015-12-19) with Paul leading, but nothing for the salt.

Not an official trip.

I think that with the warm weather we’ve been having that a last ditch trip to the salt with kayaks may be in order.

On 2015-12-19, a 1000 hour launch time, and a 1700 hour return is what I have in mind.  Rain jacket, and possibly waders, as the water temperature has dropped.

Since this is not an official trip, there is no sign-up sheet.  Just show up, and bring your own d*&$ lunch.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Bay before Christmas?

  1. OK, there was some adventure, but not a lot of fish.

    In a few words, high wind, no VHF radios, off course by a few miles, in the dark.

    The story ended well, but we learned a lesson.



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