Fished with Lamarr Scott recently

A new angler that i haven’t recruited to fly fishing and I met up with Lamarr at 0630, loaded up, launched , and was flinging fly line by 0700. 


Lamarr on the platform, searching.

I'll bet the fish can see him too!

I’ll bet the fish can see him too!

Lamarr worked his tail off, but we didn’t see the huge schools that we were expecting.  The weather was perfect, the tides were moving, very little wind, but the fish just weren’t biting.

We did see some specs busting bait [Video Link]

One flounder and one rat red brought to hand.  Lamarr’s boat handling skills, ability to instruct, and his willingness to share his knowledge made the trip one that I plan to take again.  Hopefully soon!


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