3 thoughts on “Seabourne Park – Rosenberg

  1. Did you give have any luck? In the lake? on the creek? What type of flies? I wish I had seen the post earlier and I would have met you. Paul Robertson


    • No luck. We threw woolly buggers & poppers in the lake. Visibility wasn’t great. The park reminds me a bit of Mary Jo Peckham in Katy. Nice park, but I have to think the fish get pressured quite a bit. I’ve only fished it twice, to no avail. Of course, Saturday was post-front, so the fish were likely deep and inactive anyways. We also went to the pond in my subdivision where I always catch fish and they were not active either. I may give it one more try once the weather settles down.

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      • Thanks… I may give it a shot too. I walked the creek Sunday afternoon. I may try that. I could see fish movement, but I don’t know what they were.


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