Chandeleur Islands

Where:       Chandeleur Islands;  2.5d fishing trip with DMJ Charters.  Pass Christian, Mississippi

Trip Description: This is a 2.5 day trip to the Chandeleur Islands with DMJ Charters.  Minimum 10/maximum 12 people.  The trip is:  Spend Sun night on the “mother ship.  Depart for Chandeleur Islands and fish on Mon, Tues, then Wed till 10am.  Return to shore by 3pm.  Expected all-in cost range $750-900. (charter, gas, tip, etc)

We will meet at the DMJ Charter’s boat at 5pm on Sun.  Spend Sun, Mon, and Tues nights on the boat, returning to dock at 3pm on Wed.  You will responsible for your travel from your home to and from the boat dock.  (will look to “carpool” as possible)


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