Fly Tying Classes


Beginners Fly Tying Course
Registration: Monday March 4, 2019
Last class:  Monday April 15, 2019

A package of materials for the course can be purchased for $75.

Where: Bethany Christian Church   (Google Map)
3223 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

This Course meets on Monday evenings, with the first class and Registration beginning at 6:30pm on the SECOND MONDAY IN JANUARY, and the first class starts at 7:00pm that same evening. There are nine subsequent classes in this course.

This course covers the basic tools that are essential to fly tying, the numerous types of materials (both natural and synthetic) that are employed, the various hooks and their nomenclature, and the various sizes and types of thread that are used. It also has a class, the second one, on Entomology that is intended to acquaint the student with the various stages in the life cycles of the most important aquatic insects to the fly fisher, and which are the most common flies we tie.

The class format for this course is designed to first teach the fundamental techniques used to tie with each of the basic natural materials, such as furs, hair and feathers. Beginning with the third class, the students learn to tie the two simplest of all flies, the Wooly Worm and the Woolybugger.

As the techniques are mastered, they become more complex with each subsequent class. Also, each basic type of fly; dry fly, nymphs, and streamers, is covered, as well as some very basic saltwater patterns.

Upon completion of this course, the student is fully capable of tying fish-catching flies in each of these groups.


Intermediate Fly Tying Course
Registration: No date scheduled
Last class:

A redesigned course is being developed.  Details will be published when design is complete.  The description below gives an idea of what was taught in the past.

Where: Bethany Christian Church   (Google Map)
3223 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

Registration for this course is held at 6:30 pm on the Monday night following the last Beginners Course Class, with the first class starting at 7:00 pm. Students in the Beginners course have ‘first-right-of-refusal’ on the seats in this class.

This course is a continuation of the Beginners course, but goes into tying more complex types of flies; such as learning how to both spin and stack deer hair to make floating deer hair bass and sunfish bugs. (Two successive classes are devoted to these techniques. )The remainder of the classes are devoted to tying specific types of flies, such as parachutes, emerging caddis patterns, and spinners, and some very specific saltwater patterns, such as shrimp and crabs, and epoxy coated spoon flies, and ends up with classes on tying terrestrial patterns, such as crickets, beetles, and grasshoppers, and, finally, on tying ‘bugs’ using foam.

Students who have completed both courses are all proficient at tying, and are capable of tying any type fly they desire. They are also capable of looking at a new fly, figuring out how it was tied, and then going home and tying their own.

6 thoughts on “Fly Tying Classes

  1. I have a lot of fly tying material and equipment. I have been a victim of Harvey and need to cut back on space. In other words, my fly tying days are over. I am considering donation to TFF. Is there a way to do this?


  2. I’m new to the fly fishing world , I’ll be attending the upcoming meeting. I’m also wanting to learn fly tying and fly rod building . This seems like the right place to be for me .


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