Sabine River, generation canal

Sabine River, generation canal. I've checked the generation schedule and weather for Monday, 2020-08-10, and both are looking good. I'm waiting on a fishing report from Crawford before pulling the trigger and making the trip. I plan to launch my kayak at the "improved" boat launch and fish from the "no-go" wire down to the washtub.

Lake Bastrop Trip Report: Feb 28-29, 2020

The Lake Bastrop weekend trip was a success.  We had six tents with twelve sleeping spots reserved;  seven hardy fisherman attended, fishing and spending the night on Friday, and fishing again on Saturday morning.  Kayaks and a paddleboard. Friday morning started off rather chilly.  Temps right around 35F.  It warmed up fairly quickly and was … Continue reading Lake Bastrop Trip Report: Feb 28-29, 2020