REPORT: Colorado River near Utley, Texas, fishing by Tom S.

Yesterday was a great day of fishing and friendship. I took a trip with Travis Gunter, LowCoflyfishing, on a stretch of the Colorado River near Utley, Texas. Travis primarily runs a shallow water jet boat that can access water that most folks don’t get to see or fish. The ride is “very” exciting and not for the timid! Travis can be reached at 512-988-1930 or at

We fly fished for everything in the river but primarily were catching Guadalupe Bass mixed in with a few pan fish. Guadalupe Bass are native to only a few Texas Rivers in the Edwards Plateau and can’t be located anywhere else. They are smaller than large mouth bass but fight ferociously for their size. We had a 25-30 fish day and were tired and happy at the end.

This day was also one for the memory book. The Texas State Record for “pure” strain Guadalupe Bass is 3.71 lbs and was caught in 2014. I had the fun and privilege of landing a sow, full of eggs, that weighed 3.53 lbs. It was quite the fight on a 4wt TFO Mangrove Fly Rod, but she finally gave it up. I probably will never get close to that size of Guadalupe again as long as I can fish.

After a quick weigh in and a couple of photos, we released the lady back into the river.

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