2022 Texas Fly Fishers Mini-Expo – August 20th 2022; Casting Workshops and Casting Video Analysis

Below is the Casting Workshop Schedule along with information regarding an opportunity for participants to receive a video analysis of their fly cast at the 2022 Texas Fly Fishers Mini-Expo to be held Saturday, August 20th 2022. Details regarding the Mini Expo can be found in another post regarding this event on this web page.

2022 Texas Fly Fishers Mini-Expo 

Casting Schedule

Instruction and Workshops

(Location- the casting area is set up outside on the grass)

Casting Area for Children– a small area will be available for children accompanied by a parent or guardian to have some fly casting fun and learn some very basic skills related to fly fishing.

Individual Instruction-Fly Fishers International Certified Casting Instructors will be on hand to provide individual casting instruction to participants.  Additionally, Fly Fishers International Master Casting Instructor, Jeff Ferguson will be on hand throughout the day.

Casting Workshops

Scheduled workshops will be offered throughout the day and will include the opportunity for participants to make the featured cast(s) with an instructor if desired by the participant.  The Workshop Schedule is as follows:

9:00 Building a Solid Foundation-The Essentials of Fly Casting

Certified Casting Instructor Jim Richards

Jim will discuss the elements of fly casting which are essential to becoming a complete fly caster.  This discussion include a discussion and demonstration of the pick up and lay down cast. 

10:00 Fly Casting in Saltwater

Master Casting Instructor Jeff Ferguson 

Jeff will discuss and demonstrate skills related to saltwater fly casting including fly fishing from a saltwater skiff and casting in the wind.

11:00 Common Casting Faults and Fixes

Certified Casting Instructor Thi Nguyen

Thi will demonstrate and discuss common casting faults along with how to correct those faults.  This discussion will be followed by a period for casting participants/students to work with the Instructors to address individual casting issues and suggested fixes.

12:00 – 1:00  Break to have Lunch

1:00 Advanced Fly Casting

Master Casting Instructor Jeff Ferguson 

Jeff will discuss and demonstrate advanced fly casting skills and techniques such as advanced double haul techniques (i.e. when to make the haul, how long the haul should be, how fast the haul should be, etc.);  changes in the casting stroke which are necessary to efficiently increase distance along with other advanced fly casting  skills and techniques.

2:00 Two Handed Fly Casting

Certified Casting Instructor Gary Davison 

Gary will discuss and demonstrate skills related to two handed fly casting including spey casting and the standard two handed over head cast.

Each Instructor presentation will last approximately 30-45 minutes.  Following each instructor presentation, students will be offered an opportunity to practice.  Any participant who desires to have an instructor assist with a specific casting issue are encouraged to approach any of the instructors, who are not directly involved in making a presentation, to work with them on their issue of choice.

All participants are encouraged to bring their own rod with line and leader for the workshops.  However, any participant who wishes to participate and does not have their personal rod should not hesitate to request a rod from one of the instructors on hand as the club will have a supply of loaner rods available. 

Flies and/or hooks should not be attached to any line/leader but rather a piece of yarn or fiber should be attached to the leader.  Should a participant/student not have yarn or fiber for his or her fly line leader these materials will be provided and, if necessary, attached by the instructors. 

Casting Instructors – Scheduled to be on hand:

  • Jeff Ferguson, MCI** 
  • Gary Davison, CCI*
  • Jim Richards, CCI*
  • Thi Nguyễn, CCI* 
  • Ron Mayfield, CCI*

** Fly Fishers International Master Casting Instructor

*   Fly Fishers International Certified Casting Instructor

In addition to the above scheduled workshops participants will have an opportunity to receive a video analysis of their fly cast. Details in that regard are below:

With FFI Certified Casting Instructor Andy Payne

This activity is intended for novice, intermediate and expert fly casters, no beginners please!

Fly rod with high visibility line will be provided

  • Using coaching software “OnForm” we will video your pickup and laydown (PULD) cast and your false cast
  • If requested your double haul casting will be recorded
  • The videos will be reviewed using the coaching tools available in OnFormincluding frame by frame view of rod loading, casting arc, rod stopposition, counter flex, and rebound of rod tip.
  • The path of fly leg of fly line will be examined in comparison to preferredpath including trajectory and shape
  • Factors creating narrow vs. wide loops will be examined
  • Any tailing loops will be examined for causation
  • Video sessions will start at 9 AM and continue throughout the day except for a lunch break
  • Signup sheet will be provided to allow saving your spot in line
  • Obtain sign up location from registration desk
  • Participants must sign up with Andy Payne

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