Harmon Creek March 11-13 Trip Report

Our annual Harmon Creek White Bass weekend was a huge success.  Cold weather, lots of fish, and great camaraderie. We caught white bass, black bass, yellow bass, buffalo fish, and fresh water drum.  Also consumed lots of great food.  Weather was a little on the cold side in the mornings, but warmed up quite nicely by the afternoon.  

Friday:  Four of us started the weekend fishing on Friday morning.  Weather was cool, but not cold.  Cloudy and wind picked up as the day went on.  Regardless of the elements, over 100 white bass were caught.  Water was somewhat muddy, but the fish did not seem to mind.  Clousers and coyotes seems to be the ticket. 
That night we enjoyed a great meal of red beans/rice, cole slaw, pasta salad, etc etc.  We didn’t go hungry.  Other members showed up later that night and we camped in a combo of cabins and a motorhome.

Saturday:  We woke up to a cold morning, with ice on the kayaks.  It warmed up quickly, and we had eleven fishers out on the water after a warmup coffee.  Not a cloud in the sky, very little wind, and a bright sun….combo of kayaks and canoes.  Catching was slower than Friday, but we still had quite a few fish brought to the boats…easily 75+ white bass.  (Even had 3 buffalo fish – one over 5lbs) 
That night brought a great campfire, smorgasbord meal of brats, pulled pork, sides, cake, etc etc.  No one went hungry.  We even got visited by our soon to be friend, a black lamb.  He hung around and “played” all night.  

We all packed up on Sunday morning and headed home.  Another beautiful day, but we all decided to have a quiet morning and let the fish rest.  A great weekend.

Buffalo Fish – nice size fish

2 thoughts on “Harmon Creek March 11-13 Trip Report

  1. Great trip and thanks to John for leading the trip. An extra bonus was having a family with two teenagers participate and camp with us.


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