JITS, November 2021

Friday a small group made it to past the 20 mm. Nothing seen. Nothing caught. Rough road back.

Checking into a nice, large, AirBNB, the over to dinner at Snoopy’s discussing tactics for the next day.

Saturday morning the plan was to get to MM 20 before sunrise. Easy travel and we made it with no issues, with time to spare.

Nothing seen as we slowly made our way to the jetties. Flounder (CPR) and something that looked like a juvenile grouper came to hand.

On the way back, an odd pelican maneuver got our attention so a stop was in order. This is where we finally started catching fish on the fly in the surf. Redfish, Spanish mackerel, ladyfish, whiting, and speckled trout all came to hand at this spot. Then as quickly as it popped up, the action was over.

Travelling a few more miles a flash of silver in the surf, again prompting us to stop. There was bait leaving the water, and flying into the air, and even against the shore. A large jack chased bait all the way to shore, exposing his eyes form the water as he was intent on the kill

A few large ladyfish, and more Spanish mackerel, and then once again the action died.

Now we were starting to run out of beach, and the travel got tough. It took almost 30 minutes to drive 10 miles in that soft sand. And the tide wasn’t even in all the way.

Back at lodging, dinner was discussed. All of us were too tired to go out, so we stopped a local and asked about pizza. He made a recommendation, which we followed, happily.

Sunday morning, no fishing as the catch rate was too low to justify the additional trip. Coffee, breakfast, cleanup, and pack out. All of were on the road by 10:00am.

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