Reel Recovery Retreat–Waring, TX

Reel Recovery is an organization that provides fly fishing retreats for men living with cancer. In a normal year, Texas hosts six retreats, three in the spring and three in the fall. Due to the Covid pandemic, all retreats in 2020 and spring 2021 were canceled.

With the addition of Covid protection protocols, Reel Recovery held its first retreat in Texas in more than 18 months at Camp Capers in Waring, Texas September 17-19. Typically, retreats host 10 to 15 men. Because of a variety of factors including last minute cases of Covid, we hosted 7 men. Camp Capers is on the Guadalupe River west of Borne near Comfort, Texas. The weather cooperated, the Guadalupe River fished well and the men had a rewarding weekend. Camaraderie develops between the men because of their shared experiences with cancer and fly fishing.

Several club members participated in putting on the retreat. These retreats are just as rewarding for those of us working at the retreat as the actual participants.

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