Trout in the Classroom Fish Release

Hi – I have released I forgot to update everyone on the release of the trout from the club Trout in the Classroom project!! Sorry about that!

So here goes! As the project has been much reduced this year due to most schools having limits on live animals due to concerns about in class room disinfectant spraying, we only had two schools participating. On Saturday May 9th we met our local TU representatives on the Guadalupe River near Sattler, TX to release our remaining fry into the river before the summer break. We released around 100, 2-3inch long baby rainbows into the river at the same spot as we have been using for previous releases. There was no word on if the fish remained socially distanced once in the river. All went well and looking forward I hope we can get back to our much larger program as we ran in years past when we had 14 tanks and were releasing over 1000 fish!

I will post details of the 2022 program when we start organizing it in the fall of this year. Meanwhile if you would like to get involved or have suggestions on schools who would like to participate please let me know! Matt – 832 444 4206.

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