Fishing Report: Brushy Creek, Texas, submitted by Paul Robertson

Brushy Creek, April 28-30, 2021
Trip Report

Paul Robertson and Steve Tomlinson took off for a few days of fishing on Brushy Creek in
Roundrock. They left Houston on Wednesday morning. Their first stop was at Living Waters Fly
Shop in Roundrock to pick up a few materials and get some advice. What a fly shop! If you
have not been there, we recommend you go. Chris Johnson carries a wide selection of material
and they offer helpful guidance.

After lunch and a quick check into the motel, we headed to the water. We decided to motel
rather than our usual camping. It turns out that was a good decision with the rain that came.
We were both using short fiberglass rods that we had made for small stream fishing. Steve had
a 3wt and Paul had a 4/5 wt. A lot of perch were caught that afternoon, mostly small to
medium in size. Paul caught one small bass. Steve found a hole with some 9” perch in it. He
landed four or five of them. A light rain came in at the end of the day.

Thursday was a full day of fishing. Again, lots of perch were caught (50+). Again, most were
small to medium in size. The water was just a little off color from rain the previous day and
night. There was some light rain throughout the day. Around 5:30, the rain really picked up, so
we called it a day.

Throughout the night Thursday we heard thunder and rain. So it was no surprise when we got
to the creek and found that the water was up, murky, and flowing fast. We decided it would
not be safe to fish, so we headed home. We were in heavy rain most of the way home.
Overall, a good trip. We enjoyed our newly built rods. We both fished a foam spider with a
dropper underneath. Paul used a Rio Bandito and Steve mostly used a Pat’s Rubber Legs.
Good fellowship. Good food. Lots of fish on a beautiful stream.

One thought on “Fishing Report: Brushy Creek, Texas, submitted by Paul Robertson

  1. I’ve been meaning to try Brushy Creek. I have a niece in Austin who wants to try fly fishing. Thanks for the report.


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