On Saturday, May 15, 2021, the club will be holding a casting clinic for intermediate and advanced fly casters.  The clinic will be followed by 1 hour individual casting instruction for casters of all skill levels from beginners to advanced.  It will  not be necessary to attend the morning clinic in order to have an individual lesson.

The leader of both the clinic and the individual lessons will be Jeff Ferguson who is one of the few Master Casting Instructors in the world certified by Fly Fishers International where Jeff serves as a member of the Casting Board of Governors.   

The clinic and individual instruction will be held at Tom Bass Park near the intersection of Highway 288 & The Sam Houston Toll Way.  Detailed instructions with regard to the specific location at the Park will be provided to participants prior to the event.

The clinic will begin at 8:30 am and will last until approximately 12:30 pm. This is a clinic for advanced and intermediate fly casters and will include such subjects as refinning the student’s double haul, the curve cast and casting on water from a static to a jump roll cast.  Beginning at 1:15 pm, Jeff will begin providing individual casting instruction to the individuals who have registered for the private lessons.  The lesson times will be: 1:15-2:15; 2:30-3:30 and 3:45-4:45.  These lessons will be for fly casters of all skill levels from beginner to advanced.  To register for a individual lesson contact Jim Richards at 713-854-0517 or by e-mail at

The cost of the Advanced/Intermediae morning clinic is a $50 contribution to be made to the Texas Fly Fishers.  The cost of the 1 hour individual lessons is a $75 contribution to be made to the Texas Fly Fishers.  Payment can be made by check or in cash at the time of the event.

Restrooms are available at the event venue and snacks and water will be available.

This is a great opportunity to learn about or refine your casting skills from a very accomplished casting instructor. 

The clinic will be limited to 12 students.  The individual  one hour lessons described above will be an opportunity for ony 3 students to receive these individual lessons.  As space is limited, please sign up or contact Jim Richards as soon as posssible.

Finally, as noted above all of the revenue from this casting event will benefit the Texas Fly Fishers so come on out and support the club. 

An Evite Invitation has been sent to all club members and can be used to register for the clinic. As noted above, if you are interested in one of the individual lessons, please contact Jim Richards at the number or e-mail address above in order to reserve a lesson time.

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