Pre-fishing Harmon Creek, 2021-02-03

New owners have been doing a great job of getting ready for the 2021 fishing season. The grass is cut, the parking areas are clear. It is looking good, and the work continues.

I got a late start and was able to launch easily. The water was very low, but extremely clear.

I made it up to “Brighty Blue” bay dragging across a few sandbars. Total water travel was a little over 3-1/2 miles.

All of the white bass that came to hand were undersized males.

I did also land a few decent black bass. The fly that worked was an SF fiber Clouser, size 10, in rainbow. I did try the coyote clouser, but the water was so clear that it actually spooked the fish.

3 thoughts on “Pre-fishing Harmon Creek, 2021-02-03

  1. From Paul who fished with a group 2021-02-09:
    “The weather was nice, but not quite as warm as we had expected. Water is low, but I did not have to get out the kayak to pull it. But I did a lot more paddling with the Hobie, as it was too -shallow for the fins. I made it to the Blue Hole….but did not catch a single fish there. That was -surprising .

    Paul caught about 10 — all mine were on a grey/white micro-clouser. I tried other colors, but without success

    Joe caught 12+ — on some kind of clouser— I think he may have caught all of them in one hole.

    John — I think he said he caught about 10 on a squarat.

    Howard — I heard over 20, but I’m not sure. He did lose one baitcasting rod trollling

    Ken — not sure

    Bill (not a club member) — capsized kayak. We were able to recover all but one baitcasting rod. But phone was dead. He was wet and cold (about 10:00 am) and headed home early.”


  2. It was a good time…I fishing below the Campground near the Bridge area. Exploring. My fish were 5 white bass and 5 crappie….on a variety of flies. All were good size except one. Had a few boats and other kayaks, saw lots of fish being caught from a couple kayakers with spinners. Nice size fish also.
    The deposit is set for March 12-14…we have all five cabins.
    John E


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