2021 Trout in the Classroom project begins!

The TFF sponsored Trout in the Classroom project has started in the Houston area with the arrival of our trout eggs from GRTU. In a normally year we have approximately 14-15 tanks running in various high school science classrooms all over the Houston area. However thanks to covid-19, many schools currently have bans on live animals in the classrooms due to disinfectant spraying, or requirements that they can be rapidly rehomed if needed. This has meant we have only one of last year’s schools participating in 2021 – Westbury HS. However we also gained one new classroom at the Memorial Private High School, near Dairy Ashford and Memorial Drive, to give us two tanks running. The upside is we got a lot of trout eggs for these two tanks and so hopefully we have a bunch of young fish to release into the Guad in early May. As usual, if anyone has questions about the program or would like to help out, please give me a shout on 832 444 4206. Thanks! Matt

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