Damon Lakes – Jan 21

Bored on a rainy Thursday, I made an afternoon trip to Damon 7 Lakes.  Weather was the same as in Houston—rain rain rain.  The saving grace was it wasn’t very cold, so I had to wet a line anyway.

I fished for a couple hrs from a boat with subsurface flies….clousers, sqrats, crawfish patterns….Skunked;  not even a bump.

I decided to test out a few of the VIP poppers I recently tied…..wanted to see how they moved in the water.  Didn’t expect anything on the surface in mid-January; I had not seen any top water movement all day.

Surprise surprise.  Shortly after switching to a yellow VIP, I hooked up with a couple bass.  Switched over to a black VIP, hooked up again.  Decided to switch to my “go-to” lure, the Diving Frog.  Hooked up with four (4) bass in short order.  Fished till I ran out of daylight, then went home to tie a few more VIPs.

Final tally:  Subsurface = 0;  Topwater = 8

Black VIP Popper

Yellow VIP Popper

Yellow VIP Popper

Diving frog

Diving Frog

Diving frog

2 thoughts on “Damon Lakes – Jan 21

  1. Why do you keep bothering those baby fish kept captive in the 7 aquariums? You can catch bigger and better WILD fish in White Oak Bayou. Been using deer hair poppers for years in the winter, however I only fish in the afternoons above 60 degrees. However, I’m sure your gas station likes you drive that far for such stunted fish. I’ve seen one good fish come from seven lakes in the last ten years. Tracie Quigley’s big bass is water record as far as I’ve seen. Try going to a real lake or river. Use #2 or bigger flys. Small flys = small fish! Oh that’s right you got same results at Lake Bastrop too. Well at least it has a warm water discharge you can wet your line by. Good Luck!


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