JITS 2020

Picture heavy, with little text.

Quite a few of us made it for the trip.

The winds were easy, but the waves were horrendous. Standing in ankle deep water and getting hit in the chest makes fly fishing difficult.

The water was so high the night before that folks, not our group, were forced to camp near the dumpsters, off the beach. That high water made ruts, with the undertow, on the beach that just hurt going over. Slow moving in the dark, and not much faster after the sun rose.

Not one jack was seen. And nothing other than very few ladyfish caught in the surf.

Around noon, after making it to the turtle house, and not seeing a thing, we went over Yarbrough Pass, to much calmer water. One red was caught, on conventional, and a speck on a fly. It was just good to get away from those monster waves.

5 thoughts on “JITS 2020

  1. As many trips as TFF has fished the PINS over the ten years it sure seems like the fish know your coming every time! I have only heard wonderful things about a miserable outings. Thanks for the report and photos though, we all enjoy them. The waves in the pictures look pretty docile to me but then again I wasn’t there. But if Puck says the waves were hitting him in the chest, they would have been over my head! Too bad Billy S. is no longer with us, he’d find the fish and catch’m. A 400 mile round trip shows some major dedication from our members. Good luck and keep trying. Scott B. it seems that you hold the TFF record for PINS red fish on the fly. ONE!


    • Puk, please let me add , it was a fantastic fishing day.
      We were able to appreciate the sunrise while rolling on the beach on a wonderful day. In my case, I tried new different flies and learned a lot from my fishing buddies.
      Thanks for organizing it.


      • Ozzy,

        Tim S. lead the trip, I was the cheering team.

        The outing was a success, the fish catching could have been better 😊

        January and February trips are looking promising.



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