2020 February meeting, Fish hatcheries, by Dan Shivers

Our next club meeting is Tuesday February 11 and will feature our own Dan Shivers sharing his visits to fish hatcheries in Washington State. –

Dan Shivers started fishing as a young kid whenever his family would visit Galveston. He bought his first fly rod when he was about 12. He didn’t have anybody to teach him, used all the flies that were in the kit, and put the rod down for a while. When he got out of high school and eventually became a machinist, he liked making things with his hands. In 2005, he became interested in fly fishing again and started reading articles and watching videos about fly fishing. Dan bought some fly fishing gear and started making his own flies – he’s been hooked ever since.

While visiting family in Washington State, Dan went to a fish hatchery for the first time and was fascinated by the process and began taking pictures. After two more visits, Dan has assembled a presentation of pictures and videos on the process and sequence of events that are used to replenish the salmon, trout, and other fish we enjoy catching across the United States.

Although our local fish hatcheries are slightly different from the hatcheries in Washington State, this presentation will provide an understanding of what the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is doing to replenish freshwater and saltwater fish across the state.


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